nerf maverick

this is the nerf maverick its pretty good holds around 6 to 8 bullets now im just guessing so if im wrong im wrong.Its a good  nerf gun you load it by if you look at the picture you will see a gray part you pull that back to load.My friend has it it fires up to about 5 feet with a nerf longshot bullet about 10 feet so it goes pretty far if i was in a nerf battle i would use it. The maverick has a tactical rail on the load mechanisim so incase you want to add some thing to it.

nerf rapid fire raider cs-6

Well you see the title so this is a good gun it has a 35 dart holding drum the first nerf gun to have a drum.You load the gun by the front handle that has orange on the front you pull that back then push it forward to chamber the next round the gun has two moges rapid fire or single fire. Single shot is were you pull back the loading mechanisim then push forward and fire the second one is were you hold down the trigger then pull back and push forth it atoumaticly shoots the darts. It has a tactical rail on the front so you can attach things.